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   Just having animals, and treating them like they were of no consequence is stupid. We have come to love each one of these animals on this property. They are nurtured and given the things that they need to live a good life. They are food for us and for others and to this we are thankful.
        When we got into this life it was an easy decision, as it allowed us to have more breathing room and be more pro-active as to what we ate. I'm not really into grocery stores food quality these days. It's alot of work , more love , a sense of of accomplishment daily.
 The interesting thing is that when we go into a big city now, I get tired watching the  rushing about. 

   We are a small family farm. We raise registered Icelandic sheep, also chickens, Buff & Muscovy ducks.Our guardians are Jack & Elliot, two llamas.
     All of our animals here are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, humanely raised, cage free, free range. The chickens are fed natural & certified organic feed and omega supplements. We have also been getting great veggies from one of the grocery stores for all of the animals.  The sheep are totally grass fed along with alfalfa hay, with the occasional veggies, never grain as they don't require it at all.                

 Shepherds Harvest Family Farm
   The Lord is my Shepherd....Psalm 23
      All of our ewes are given molasses in the water or just a tub of it to enjoy. We also supplement with Braggs organic apple cider vinegar. This is great for added nutrition, for their fleece and digestion. They also recieve salt with selenium and occasionally sea kelp. We have also been able to give them lots of fresh vegetables thanks to a local store.
                                                         members with
                   CLRC & volunteer scrapie program

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 Our sheep are bred for fleece, meat and milk. We have allot of intelligence in our flock.  The other thing I look for is the temperament to be calm and friendly, as it gets passed to the offspring. Also good horn conformation and build is important.

​ When looking at the new sheep we have, I always have to remember to not let my instinct to just keep all of them because they are cute. Sometimes they have an irregular horn conformation or something else that can get passed down to the offspring that is not good. Culling has to be done in a herd. We did just that this year, never easy.

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